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"This is the book that will transform your body and

ultimately change your life."

                              -Erykah Badu

The Remedy

The Five-Week Power Plan to Detox Your System, Combat the Fat, and Rebuild Your Mind and Body


About The Remedy

Known as hip-hop's Medicine Man, Supa Nova Slom has helped some of music's biggest names get healthy.
In The Remedy, he shares his Chlorophyllian Cleanse, which revitalizes as it cleanses, and restores balance by flushing and feeding your body. Along with tasty recipes, he offers the Five-Week Power Plan that provides amazing energy and the path to real weight loss through healthy living and a green diet. With lifestyle secrets from stars such as Erykah Badu, Chuck D, Hype Williams, Tyson Beckford, and Dr. Benjamin Chavis,  Jim Jones, Rodney Jerkins and many more...The Remedy will change your body and your life.

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