Supa Mega Greens is an organic, plant based blend of 7 nutrient-dense superfoods.

It's quick and easy to prepare. Just add one teaspoon to a glass of water, juice or smoothie.

Supa Mega Greens provides the same micronutrients as juicing, but without all the cutting, chopping, clean up and calories. 


Safiyah Ife

“I been taking them for 2 years now and they make you want to live and eat cleaner. I tried other products along the way but Supa Mega Greens gets referred to everybody. This make me feel good and gives me the strength to make myself better.”

Josie Jackson

“Amazing product. I have been suffering with fibromyalgia during my fourth pregnancy. I notice a difference when I don't drink my Supa Mega Greens. My husband wakes up every morning at 3am and uses them to get through his workday. We make sure our children get them in their smoothies and we've seen a change.”

Jessica Airhart

"By far the best greens/life food I have ever used. Just from using this product I have seen and felt changes in my muscle density, skin tone, digestion, energy and sleep. I recommend Supa Mega Greens to my friend and family, especially those transitioning to a plant based diet."