1. How long do the Supa Mega Greens last?

The 8oz taken 3x a day 1-2 tbs per serving will last 2 weeks

The 14oz taken 3x a day 1-2 tbs per serving will last one month.


2. Can the Supa Mega Greens be taken during pregnancy?

​Yes! Absolutely the nutrients within SMG strengthens the immune system of the mother and growing child.


3. Can toddlers take the Supa Mega Greens?

Yes they can. Place one teaspoon into your child's favorite fruit juice mix and serve. 


4. Are the Supa Mega Greens good for burning fat and burning lean muscles mass?

Yes. The Supa Mega Greens plant proteins are great fuel for building lean muscle mass and shedding unwanted body fat.


5. Is the SupaMega Greens a good replacement for energy drinks and coffee?

 Yes. The Supa Mega Greens formula is an great source of energy, taking 3x a day at a minimum will create a storehouse of powerful energy within your body fighting the fatigue of daily exertion.


6. How long will it take for me to receive my order?  

It takes up to 5 business days for order to be shipped?